The business
You would probably like to know what kind of business this is. Well, I can tell you it is small scale, and not really a business - more like a hobby or 'service' to other oboists around the world. I do this, because somebody has to, while I am convinced - I can hear it blindfolded - it is an actual improvement both for professionals and amateurs. It fascinates me that it takes so little - a bit of plastic - to improve the output from the oboe. No bore or key adjustment, no change of scrape or cane or shaper or anything, just a minor external change. Why not offer this to other people than myself? The Internet makes this possible.

Still suspicious? I know I would be, because we as oboists have been so accustomed to the disadvantages of playing the oboe - it is hard to blow, the reeds will never be perfect etc. - how could this be bettered, just by changing the cork on the staple? And who is this guy anyway, is he a real oboist?

Thomas NissenI consider myself a good amateur oboist, I did attend the Royal College of Music in Copenhagen for four years, had the best of teachers (Jørgen Hammergård & Bjørn Carl Nielsen), but decided that playing and practising music every day professionally, was not the right thing for me.
Today I enjoy it tremendeously, playing in various good amateur/semiprofessional orchestras and ensembles in my spare time. My present work (CAD/CAM) has given me the knowledge, tools and opportunity to develop the Nissen Tube; an opportunity I would not have had, had I become a professional musician.

The Nissen Tube has not changed my playing completely, but it has certainly given it a boost, I could not do without. You can listen to some clips, where I play the staples.

If you have any question not answered on these pages, please send me an email.

Thomas Nissen - Copenhagen