I finally got around to fitting my bocal last week and used it at orchestra rehearsal last night. There is unquestionably an improvement in projection and the tone is more centered. My wife, who is an oboist, asked me what I was doing different to my reeds. Worth every penny. Thanks!
Rich Gordley - Des Moines

I have just converted one of my bocals to the bassoonboost system, and I am now a believer. The difference is truly quite noticeable especially in response.
David Ross - New York

My teacher told my about it and mounted one on my bocal. It's really great and enjoyable to play with such a plastic 'cork'. The bassoon boost is a great tool in getting that last extra bit out of the bassoon. Therefore I want to order another two, for my other bocals.
Guillaume Smeets - The Netherlands

I received the Bassoon Boost a few days ago. I’ve been using it for several days and I like it very much. It’s subtle but it does improve the way my bassoon responds and sounds. I would recommend it to anyone!!!
Vincent Ellin - Canada

My cork replacements arrived last week and a few days ago I found time to replace the cork on one of my Fox bocals with the new device. I used a glue named WeldBond that takes a couple of days to really set up. The process is extremely easy. The hardest part is getting the old cork off the bocal. Kudos to Fox for really sticking it on there. After about 24 hours for the glue to set I gave it a try and am glad to report it made a very positive difference. The tone quality was cleaner, clearer, and definately projected better. I intend to try it on my Wolf bocals next even though I think they already do a great job. Overall, my first trial suggests that replacing corks with these devices produces positive results and you might want to give them a try. Worthwhile, I would say.
Gene Carter - Maryland

I definitely think that there was an improvement in the response of the bocal now that I got the boost working. I also think the sound is a bit more focused than before. As if the sound were somehow “tighter” or more compact, if that makes sense.
Trent Jacobs - Illinois