Ok, sounds interesting - I want to give it a try!

Price and conditions
One bassoon boost "sleeve" costs 16 euro. The price includes:

  • one bassoon boost sleeve
  • a set of rubber rings in 5 sizes (10 rings in all).

10% discount for 3 or more sleeves.
The shipping is 5,00 euro.

Additional rings costs 0,50 euro a piece, postage is 2 euro (rings only-orders).
You can also buy o-rings directly from www.oringsusa.com, ask for Nitril o-rings, shore 70, sizes 6-10x1mm.

You can pay with credit cards through PayPal or use bank transfer, please see these details

I want Bassoon Boost sleeves w/rings

Payment always in advance of delivery

If you have any questions at all then please write me an email: thn@oboetube.com
You can read a few comments from other customers here

Please be aware that there is no guarantee for the success of this refitting procedure. It is presented as a do-it-yourself-if-you-dare 'project'. Not that it is only for true daredevils, but bassoons and bocals differ, peoples' manual skills differ, so a promise that this refit is just perfect for you can't be given.
I'll refund the cost of any parts sent back in their original condition, in case you find out they won't fit either the bocal socket or the bocal.
One condition applies: Refund is only paid through PayPal, not bank transfer.

Lost order: Should the package from me to you get lost in the mail system, I will issue a full refund, not restricted to PayPal. This wil be given upon completed investigation by the post authorities.