Cor Anglais bocal refit

Since refitting oboe staples with hard plastic is effective, why not try out this idea with the Cor Anglais bocal?

My motivation for investigating this was initially to solve the problem of cork breaking and falling off the bocals after only a short period. This is a general problem with the bocals for Cor Anglais; because the applied cork has to be very thin at the bottom, it is prone to be damaged when the bocal is inserted in the instrument.

Besides solving this cork problem - the first tubes made showed a positive effect on the response and sound from the Cor Anglais, which I hadn't expected. A somewhat crisper and firmer sound. I especially notice a more 'singing' upper register, which is quite appealing.
All-in-all I have noticed an improvement both mechanically and soundwise, so I have refitted my own bocals. Here is one in action ...

I offer this refit as a do-it-yourself-if-you-dare solution, because it is quite easy to do, and you will have to do the final adjusting yourself anyway.

  • Remove the cork and old glue/shellac from your bocal
  • Push on the refit tube to see if the dimensions are alright. In case not, please read this document regarding shorter sockets and smaller bocals.
  • Glue on the tube with some strong two-component (epoxy) glue, leave to dry for two days
  • Grind the plastic with rough sandpaper until it can just be inserted in the instrument. The refitted bocal should fit as tight as possible in the bocal socket, while still being comfortable to insert or take out. Be sure not to grind too much, as it can't be undone. Start to grind mainly at the bottom, and be sure to hold on to the plastic while grinding, in order not to stress the glue too much. Use a rotating movement while grinding, as in this video
  • Place a ring of a size which provides a good connection to your instrument

One refitting tube costs 16 Euro, rings are included. Go to order form

Please check the socket in your Cor Anglais before ordering. The diameter should be no more than 8 mm and the length maximum 25,5 mm.

Bassoon bocal refit
A similar product has been developed for the Bassoon, please visit BassoonBoost