Three different kinds of 'products' are available:

  • The Nissen Refit
    Have new or old tubes converted into Nissen Tubes. You send me your own cork tubes by mail. The advantage is that old tubes, where the cork is broken down can come to use again.
    For each tube there is a set of rubber rings, see Tech Details

    Price: 10,00 EUR
  • The Nissen Tube Kit
    The Do-It-Yourself solution, where you receive plastic tubes and glue them onto the metal staples of your choice yourself. It's really important to use the right kind of glue. A 2-component epoxy glue (Araldite type) must be used.

    For each tube there is a set of rubber rings, see Tech Details

    Price: 6,00 EUR
  • Cor anglais bocal tube
    The first batch of these is sold out, and I have no plans to get new ones produced, as this is a very difficult part to produce correctly, therefore costly. I have an earlier batch, which share the same outer dimensions, but the inside was not made up to standards, it's narrower that it should have been. However, for some bocals it may be just perfect, so let me know if you are interested and I'll send them free of charge. Read more here

    Price: Free

Shipping: 6,00 EUR

New rings
If you need new rings, please send an email and state which size(s) and how many you need.

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