Customer feedback

I DO love your tubes - how is it that someone like me - who has played for a million years - can have such a revolution. I have played professionally for the last 30 years and now will change to your tubes.
Rob Rogers - United Kingdom

I can say that I definitely like your refits. I notice definite more ease in being able to get certain notes in tune without so much more drastic embochure changes (i.e. my Bb that tends to be a bit lower than the surronding notes). You are right about a greater consistency in the quality of the registers.
The reeds have a nice "center" to the sound. Neither reed goes sharp when I force the sound, which is a definite plus. The workmanship on the refits is very good. Would wish that I had staples like this years ago.
Henry Tervo - Massachusetts

Your tubes are just better. I can say that for sure now, after having used them for over a year.
Steen Andersen - Denmark

Just a note to let you know I got the tubes, and have since made a couple of reeds. My first impression is very positive I am really surprised by the difference these tubes make! The sound is noticeably smoother and a lot of 'problem notes' such as G# above the staff and low C# now sound noticeably more consistent. I'll be sure to order more in the future. The workmanship and quality of the design is superb as well. You have made cork tubes obsolete!
Samuel Andreyev - France

The reeds show improved low register articulation, balanced resistance, nice sound! and all the good things you mention on the homepage. My husband (professional flutist) loves the new tubes. He thinks that the tubes improve the intonation stability, sound and more.
Keep up your excellent work and inquiring mind. In fact, I suspect that your idea is much more complex than a refit. You have possibly addressed a key part of the oboe. In my mind you have one piece of a potentially very interesting puzzle.
Ann Rosandich - Massachusetts

I Ordered some tube refits from you last October. Out of all the innovations that I tried at that time (yours, and tubes from other manufacturers), I was most impressed with yours. The fit, the durability, the resonance, and the weight of these tubes are perfect.
Beth Meade - Idaho

... I did get a chance to whip up a reed in the hour between coming home and the rehearsal I had that night and was impressed with the result (as was the really great player sitting next to me). I have further adjusted the reed after that and am really amazed at the difference this has made in response, control and simply what can be done in working with the cut of the reed. Everything is so stable and solid. And because of the even response this provides, there is a noticeable increase in technical facility through the range of the horn.
Russ DeVilbiss - Maryland