Thomas Nissen
Medelbyvej 56
Dk-2610 Rødovre

Payment / Address
Terms & conditions

Below are listed two ways to pay for either OBOE TUBES, EXTRA RUBBER RINGS and BOCAL REFIT TUBES

The ordering and payment works this way:

  • You fill out the order form
  • I reply with the amount to pay
  • You pay the amount
  • a few weeks later you receive the oboe tubes.
    Orders are sent using registered mail for reliability and insurance.

Very easy to set up and use. You get a payment request through PayPal from me, then you pay, either using your credit card or directly from your bank account.
You don't have to login or set up a PayPal account to pay.

Transfer the amount to my bank account. Very simple - bring the bank details below to your bank and have them transfer the amount. Or do it yourself, if you have net/home banking.

Details on request ...


Terms & conditions - Refund policy
Nissen Tubes:
Full refund is given for an order which has been lost on the way from Denmark to you. Refund is paid upon completed investigation of 'Post Danmark'. Luckily, this has only happened once since 1999.
There is no 'money back guarantee'. This Idea - Nissen tubes - is offered at the customers economical risk. Therefore, if you are afraid it won't suit you or your oboe, don't order too many to begin with.

Cor Anglais refit parts: I'll refund any parts sent back in their original condition, i.e. unaltered and ungrinded, in case you find out they don't fit either the bocal socket or the bocal. Please check the dimension guidelines before ordering.
One condition applies: Refund is only paid through PayPal, not bank transfer.